Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Photo Roundup

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January: D.C. Metrobus

February: M-O-O-N and Dead Raccoon

March: GREY post title goes here

April: Leaves and Dogs

May: Happy Furry Puppy Time with Lola and Rory

June: Concrete Results, Butterflies

July: Columbus Clouds and Duckling Update

August: Who's Afraid of West Virginia Wolf Spider?

September: As God Is My Witness

October: The Power of Cheese Compels You

November: BirdsDogsMoon

December: Carolina Wren and Yellow-bellied Sapsucker

P.S. Here's my 2012 pic review. HAPPY NEW YEAR, PEOPLE!

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Max Sartin said...

Great choices. I really like the first one, with the light streams, and the foggy, snowy lake.

jen micellin said...

I like the colours and the way your pictures smell.

Gilly said...

Lovely shots there. I like them all, especially the dogs!

Do you have other sorts of nuthatches? Or just the white bellied ones? They look as though they act just like our nuthatch.

21 Wits said...

These are all perfect favorite photos and I even remember most of them. Especially the first light show, and the charming doggies!

Bob Scotney said...

Great set but I have to go with the dogs.

Jim H. said...

And a Happy 2014 to you as well!

Kelsea said...

Love the idea of one for every month. Great photos. I once saw the flowers in your picture of June and must have searched forever to find out what they were....And the August butterfly is beautiful.

Alexia said...

Lovely selection of shots, thunder. I really like the I-can-open-my-mouth-wider-than-you picture!!

Thanks for the links on my post - I've answered there.


M. Bouffant said...

Crikey, what ambition. I've got to stop posting so indiscriminately so I can winnow a yr.'s worth of stuff w/in a day or two.

Also you should see if Google will animate yours.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Thanks people!

Gilly, there are four species of nuthatches in North America.

I can only remember seeing the White-breasted ones around here.

P.S. My New Year's resolution: Post more pictures of birds and dogs.