Thursday, July 23, 2009

Health care, again, some more

Thank you, Mendacious D and Another Kiwi, for giving us your take on health care coverage in Canada and New Zealand in the comments on the previous post.

The fact that other countries provide better health care for half of what we pay here in the U.S. is a secret that can not be told by serious people. The proles might find out, and that would be revolting.

It's like Iraq's WMD...only dirty hippies question the official propaganda. And dirty hippies don't get hired by the Washington Post. Dirty hippies dont get invited to Katharine Weymouth's parties.

No matter how incompetent a hack you are, as long as you hack for the tycoon class, you have a job at the Washington Post.

The tycoon class isn't shy when it needs to send a message, either. So sorry, Dan Froomkin, you're fired. Michael Gerson and William Kristol, hired. Because Charles Krauthammer, George Will, Jim Hoagland, and Robert Kagan (etc., etc.) were so lonely.

Another Kiwi provided a link in those comments, and I think every person/zombie/meese/bird should click on it.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Medical bills are behind more than 60 percent of U.S. personal bankruptcies, U.S. researchers reported on Thursday in a report they said demonstrates that healthcare reform is on the wrong track.

More than 75 percent of these bankrupt families had health insurance but still were overwhelmed by their medical debts, the team at Harvard Law School, Harvard Medical School and Ohio University reported in the American Journal of Medicine.

"Unless you're Warren Buffett, your family is just one serious illness away from bankruptcy," Harvard's Dr. David Himmelstein, an advocate for a single-payer health insurance program for the United States, said in a statement.

The tycoon class wants even more of your dollars, and they don't care if you die while they're grabbing them. And they own the MSM.


Substance McGravitas said...

The tycoon class wants even more of your dollars, and they don't care if you die while they're grabbing them.

That's a nice punchy sentence right there.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

yeah this whole issue makes me feel punchy too.

Reminds me of an old George Carlin routine, where he said the answer to drug smuggling is to start punishing the white collar criminals funding the smuggling. " Start executing a few bankers and you'll see the drug supply start to dry up awful fast"

Waterboard a few insurance execs, and see how fast we get universal coverage.

17% of GDp on ineffective health coverage? Like someone said, the discussion needs to be about health CARE, not health INSURANCE.

and it is sad, but somehow appropriate that a comedian is currently the most trusted newsman in America, and I learned the GDP number from a snarky humor blog.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

K.T. at Swampland put up a post:

Follow the money

But does campaign money that explain it all? As with everything else about the health care debate, it's not quite that simple, tells us.

There's far more to it than just the campaign dollars. And that's why I was ranting at the WaPo (again).

Serious people don't take the side of the dirty hippies/patients/uninsured.

Serious people do get/keep jobs at the WaPoo, and get invited to cocktail parties.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...


Another Kiwi said...

I am apparently about the last person in the nettosphere to see it but Bill Orally deals to all them Canadian socialist death stats pretty nicely. Alls you need is 10 times as many people and your health care stats will be the same.