Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Dear Corporate Whores

Max Baucus (DINO - Montana)

Blanche Lincoln (DINO - Arkansas)

Kent Conrad (DINO - North Dakota)

These three prostitutes voted against Senator Jay Rockefeller's robust public option and against Senator Chuck Schumer’s meh public option today.

Rockefeller outlined more than $500 billion in government subsidies written into the bill that he said would ultimately go to the nation's insurers with little being asked in return. “They have never followed the rules,” Rockefeller charged, referring to the private-payer community. He added: “Which comes first, the insurance companies or the American people?”

Senator Cobag from Montana answers “As I've said before, I see a lot to like in a public option. But my first job is to get this bill across the finish line.” Baucus said that the public option could not pass the Senate as is, adding that it would “jeopardize meaningful healthcare reform” if left in the package.

Right, because cobags like Max Baucus would prevent the Senate and its 60 Democrats from passing such an option "that I see a lot to like".

They can ESAD.


Here's a link to Glenn Greenwald suggesting Jim Cooper as a primary challenge target.

Max Baucus was just reelected, so he is free to ignore the majority of Montanans who want a public health insurance option. Kent Conrad was reelected in 2006.

Blanche Lincoln reliably sucks up to Walmart while ignoring her constituents (In Arkansas, about 505,000 people, or 17.8 percent, had no health insurance in 2008). In spite of this, she is likely to lose to some old white Repuke who Walmart would prefer. Her only chance would be to actually do some good for the people of Arkansas, but she doesn't have the common sense of a farm-raised turkey. Good riddance to you, Blanche.


Jennifer said...

Which comes first, the insurance companies or the American people?

We merely voted them in... we don't line their pockets. The people who line the pockets will come first.

Time to vote them all out.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

I prefer DIAF.

...wait. Conrad is a Democrat? And Lincoln? Fuck, we really WILL let anybody into this party, won't we?

Time to revisit Groucho's quote...

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Maybe I should rename this post "Faces of Death".

Kathleen said...

the public option can't pass the Senate b/c of me, which I why I don't support the public option, which I really would support, if it could pass, which it won't, because of me. - Baucus Reasoning

Another Kiwi said...

Ah "It's the look at me, look at me now" (Suess 1957) moment.

shortsshortsshorts said...

But money is the force of good behind this country, right? MONEY. SOURCE. OF. GOOD.

It's simple Reaganomics. Burn the poor and wait for their brighter days.

Adorable Girlfriend said...

Wal-Mart is so evil.