Monday, December 5, 2016

Talk Is Cheep!

Here are the places I meant to link to last week:

Michelle's Nature Notes (#402)

Carmi's Thematic Photographic 391 - Repetitive

Gosia k. is doing good fences now.

And Eileeninmd's Critters are on Saturday, still.

Mouse over pics for captions, and click them for larger versions.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Platter Birds, Porch Birds

My contribution to Eileeninmd's Saturday's Critters #154. And I'm also linking to Anni's I'd Rather B Birdin'. I've been experimenting with the Canon G15 a lot lately. I suspect that it's become worn and damaged through use (and abuse, it's hit the floor once or twice), auto-mode doesn't work the way I'm used to. But it still can take decent pics, especially in macro mode. So now I'm trying other modes I've never bothered with before.
D.C. platter birds:

West Virginia porch birds:

Here's a turkey vulture:

I'm also linking to Carmi's Thematic Photographic 390 - Out for a walk. Of course that happens several times a day when there's a dog in your household. Here's Theda having a drink from Lake Siri:

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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Doggy Thanksgiving

This is my contribution to TexWiscGirls ultimate Good Fences #140 - The Final. Thank you, TWG, for hosting and commenting on everyone's blogs!

I snapped these sparrows last Thursday for Good Fences.

Here's Theda going though the community garden project at Rock Creek Park.

Practicing doggy yoga on the porch in West Virginia.

I'm also linking to Michelle's Nature Notes (#401). I've had a few Canon G-15s (like Spinal Tap drummers, they keep exploding). I find that they take good pics in the auto setting, so that's what I've mainly stuck with. But this one is not working that well anymore in auto mode, especially on white flowers, etc. I'm experimenting with the shutter speed priority and aperture priority modes (you pick one, the camera picks the other), and the Leucistic House Sparrow remains in the neighborhood.

The colors are better, but the pic should be sharper given that it was taken on a tripod about six feet away with a remote shutter. More experiments to come.

And now for the conclusion of our Doggy Thanksgiving:

Mouse over pics for captions, and click them for larger versions.