Thursday, July 29, 2010

Shopping, part II - Brainwashed by Brando!

No time to explain now, already late 4 work.



Brando said...

I do love most of Rogue's brews, especially Shakespeare Stout (best beer I've ever had on tap). And Dead Guy goes with everything.

I am always excited when I get to go to Iowa City, because I can find Traquair. Hard to find but well worth it if you do. The Jacobite ale has a little corriander in it that gives it a really unique taste.

Oh, how I love drinking.

Von said...

Oh, how I love drinking

I second that.

Kathleen said...

it looks so refreshing.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

It was this comment, Brando.

Good stuff, and unlike the Rogue IPA, it's not an IPA on steroids. You get some tingle but it doesn't feel like alcoholic malted Pop Rocks in your mouth.

I hadn't noticed that. I generally just thought that the Dead Guy Ale was the better of the IPAs, but also the priciest in my local grocery.

But when I had the taste test against the Sierra Nevada, I did notice, and finally decided that I liked the Sierra Nevada better.

J— said...

the Sierra Nevada better

California über alles!

Mendacious D said...

You avoided the Moosehead. Good choice.

Fun fact: the Rogue brewery, distillery and taphouse in Portland does a cask version of the Dead Guy Ale called John John, which is aged in their own whiskey barrels.