Monday, August 17, 2009

The GOP wants to kill Social Security and Medicare

REP. ARMEY: This, this, this defies logic.

MS. MADDOW: This is a really important point. The anti-healthcare reform lobby thinks that Medicare is tyranny, OK?

REP. ARMEY: I did—I said...

MS. MADDOW: This is an—I mean, you said in 1995 that “Medicare is a program I would have no part of in a free world.”

REP. ARMEY: Right. Absolutely right.

MS. MADDOW: You said in 2002, “We’re going to have to bite the bullet on Social Security and phase it out over a period of time.”

Meet the Press, 8/16/2009

For the pithier version, See Culture of Truth

These asshats are running around scaring seniors with talk about "Death Panels". They used the same lies and scare tactics in 1993-1994.

It's time we pointed out the truth: There is a party that wants to eliminate Social Security and Medicare. It's the Republican Party.


Conservatives push Reagan's 1961 attacks on "socialized medicine" but ignore that he was criticizing Medicare

I like Media Matters, they do a good job.

4 comments: said...

And yet, Dick Armey and his "FreedomWorks" PR firm are rallying people to oppose healthcare reform with slogans like "Keep gov't hands off my Medicare!"

And the media covers it like a freaking tennis match. The right says this, the left says that. But sides have perspectives equally valid! What do believe? Oh noes! I guess we'll have to wait for the American people to make up their minds!

(O)CT(O)PUS said...

About the current healthcare debate, here is a brief vignette to share with you:

Last weekend, the healthcare controversy came to my door when friends from South Florida arrived for a visit (…) My former neighbors and now dear friends had an appointment at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville. Her cancer is treatable and manageable, but she suffers from fatigue and takes mega doses of Percocet and morphine to relieve pain. Last week, she and her husband checked into a Marriot Inn near the clinic for days of blood tests, X-Rays, MRIs, and consultations (…) On Monday morning, just before their return trip to Jacksonville for more diagnostics, the hospital called their cell phone: Their insurance carrier had not “pre-authorized” the tests.”

The full story here.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

SB, the media covers it that way because they're all owned and paid by the tycoon class. If they told the truth, they'd get fired.

Octopus, it's those stories that need to get out. It's the unpleasant truth. A cartel (the health insurance cartel) is making money by breaching their contracts.

And the right wing calls this "free enterprise".

Substance McGravitas said...

After a consumer has died they can just switch to another company for coverage. The market works!