Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sanctimonious Authoritarian Prick Cheered On By Serial Health Care Liar

Betsy McCaughey we know.

So Who Is Judge Henry E. Hudson?

Anyone remember the Michael Vick case?

Along the way, he was the chairman of a pornography study commission appointed by President Ronald Reagan's attorney general, Edwin Meese, and the director of the U.S. Marshals Service.

Hudson's 2,000-page report on pornography became known as "Uncle Sam's Dirty Book," and was a best seller for the U.S. Government Printing Office at $53 per copy. His leadership of the Marshals Service included early decisions in the attempt to arrest Randy Weaver at Ruby Ridge, the greatest disaster in the history of federal law enforcement, a fiasco that led to a grand jury investigation (Hudson was called to testify) and misconduct charges against 12 federal agents.
If Hudson is tough on gambling, drugs and massage parlors, nothing shows his approach to crime and punishment better than the case of David Vasquez, a 30-year-old McDonald's worker whom Hudson and two detectives suspected of a brutal rape and murder in January 1985.
The focus on Vasquez was dubious from the beginning. Vasquez was mentally slow. Some experts described him as retarded. He was at work at McDonald's 30 miles from the crime scene on the mornings before and after the murder. He cannot drive, and there is no public transportation between his home in Manassas and Arlington.

He also was a small man, and both the detectives and Hudson knew he could not have overcome, raped, strangled and hung the victim, a large woman, by himself.

But nothing stopped Hudson and the detectives in their pursuit of Vasquez. The detectives interrogated him three times before finally, with Hudson's agreement and approval, charging him with murder. In the questioning, they fed him details of the crime and lied to him, claiming they found his fingerprints at the scene. Hudson acknowledges that the fingerprints lie was "a hardball tactic," but explains "the use of such deception is both legal and widely accepted as an interview strategy."
Soon after Vasquez went to prison, another woman was discovered raped and murdered in her home near the killing blamed on Vasquez. The crimes were virtually identical. Another detective, Joe Horgas, knew something was wrong. He pursued the case and other killings for months and found a serial killer who was responsible for several murders including the killing that Hudson pinned on Vasquez. The serial killer, Timothy Spencer, who was later executed, worked alone.

When detective Horgas and Helen Fahey, the prosecutor who succeeded Hudson, decided to seek a pardon for Vasquez, they invited Hudson back to the office to hear their story. Hudson listened to the detective's presentation, a compelling array of evidence that showed conclusively that Vasquez had been in prison five years for a crime he could not have committed.

Hudson listened to the presentation. In his book, he offered his response to the news that he had zealously pursued the wrong guy: "I certainly wish him the best and regret what happened. However, I offer no apologies."

How about apologizing for the woman who was raped and murdered by the guy you didn't pursue while you were railroading a patsy, you sanctimonious right wing prick?


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